Stories from Beirut

I lived in Beirut for 4.5 years. Beirut was where I met my wife, where one career ended and another began, where I made lifelong friends, earned scars, and developed recurring nightmares.

It's a city of so much complexity that it's a cliche to discuss it's complexities. I left three years ago, and in a lot of ways I'm happy to say 'good riddance.' But as a story teller, I feel I have a lot of untold stories from my time there.

I want to use this space of my personal website to tell some of these stories. Some of them will be (slightly) fictionalized. They are mostly based on truths that happened to me, because I'm not sure I'm imaginative enough to make a lot of this up.

I also won't be writing this for a foreign audience. There will be certain intricacies that you can only understand by visiting Beirut or Lebanon. And there will be depictions of Beirut and Lebanon that many Lebanese will disagree with. To that I say, I don't give a fuck. These are my stories and this is my perspective.