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Guerrilla FC

A creative community, futbol club, and fashion brand. Justin founded Guerrilla FC in 2016. He's conceptualized every aspect of the club's identity, written and built the website, designed fashion products, and coordinated with sporting and fashion brands/sponsors on behalf of the club.

Leica Project

A concept project in collaboration with AKQA Senior Art Director Khoi B Phan. Justin provided the text and story concepts behind a conceptual photographer's travels around Europe and the Middle East.

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Guerrilla FC Kit

Justin conceptualized and worked with designers to create the Guerrilla FC Kit. This grey-scale camouflage printed by Italian company Macron is a fashion item worn by the players of the amateur, DC-based futbol team Guerrilla FC.

Guerrilla Fado Club

Guerrilla Fado Club is a concept spinoff of Guerrilla FC. Justin designed the logo on Adobe Illustrator and wrote and conceptualized the concept behind a Lisbon-inspired spin off of Guerrilla FC.



Guerrilla FC Ultras Scarf

Justin came up with the concept and design of the Guerrilla FC Ultras Scarf. The luxury fashion item combines elements of yellow-scale camouflage, camouflage bananas, and Korean text of the word 'infiltrate'. 

Guerrilla FC Poster

Justin enlisted the talents of British-based illustrator and designer Mark Johnson to make a poster based off the design of the Guerrilla FC kit.